Career Opportunities

Along with its exceptional business strategy, Blue Chip Official has shown exemplary leadership and development through hands-on training. Our firm’s Management Development Program allows individuals to begin at an entry-level position and advance into a managerial role within 12–18 months. Our program includes training techniques in marketing, sales, communication, and leadership development.


Blue Chip Official only promotes internally, so our team members’ dedication is always recognized and rewarded based solely on merit and performance. We provide ongoing training with an emphasis on sales strategy, customer service, marketing campaigns, and effective communication. Since the demand from our client is to continue its expansion, we teach our team how to be proactive leaders and lead by example.


Understand the foundation of every retail marketing campaign: customer acquisition (the direct sale of our client’s product or service to the end user):

  • Professional Communication
  • Impulse Selling
  • CRM Training
  • Effective Goal-Setting
  • Successful Habit Formation
  • Growth Mindset Development

Discover the ability to train and develop others, lead team meetings, and make hiring decisions:

  • Driving Team Metrics
  • Interviewing/Talent-Scouting
  • Facilitating Training Workshops
  • Public Speaking
  • Effective 1-on-1s
  • Creating a Winning Team Culture

Learn to manage the back-end systems and processes, finance and payroll, business legalities, and client agreements:

  • Market Research
  • Human Resources and Recruiting
  • P & L Statements
  • Business Building Blocks
  • R & R Travel
  • Profit Sharing

Manage all office operations, develop new client relationships and retail partners, scale client campaigns on a national-level:

  • Large Scale Management
  • Client Relations
  • New Campaign Development
  • Market Expansion
  • Content Generation
  • Networking and Business Travel

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